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Galvin Green, my new sponsor!

24 Mar 2016

I am extremely happy to inform you that I became a member of the Galvin Green Team! What a privilege to represent such an iconic and top-quality brand, a dream come true.
I discovered Galvin Green...

First month in Australia

31 Jan 2016

Hi all,
It’s been exactly 25 days since I landed in Sydney and I’ve already played six pro ams! Indeed, the tournaments in January lasted one or two days and we were paired with either some members...

End of the year 2015

07 Dec 2015

Hi all,
After spending a month in Fort Worth, Texas, I came back to Paris full of energy and motivation. I tried to maximize my time as well as possible during my trip; I practiced, worked out, an...

Let Q-School

05 Nov 2015

Well, one shot in four days is nothing, but that is what prevents me from going to the final of the LET Q-School. The game was getting a lot better those past few weeks at practice, but I did not m...

French International Ladies Amateur Championship

12 Oct 2015

Disappointment. That is the feeling in the wake of the French International Ladies Amateur Championship, certainly my last amateur event. It was important to me to end on a good note at such a gre...

Joyenval Golf Club Tournament

20 Sep 2015

Last week, I was able to go watch the Evian Championship for a few days. I was back in Paris with my mind full of inspiring images, and approximately fifty videos of the world’s best players. I wa...

Saint-Germain Tournament 2015

07 Sep 2015

How awesome is it to play one of my last amateur events at my home golf club, Saint-Germain Golf Club, followed and cheered on by many members on the side of the fairways? It is definitely a great...

Back from the US

16 Aug 2015

Hi everyone,
Here is my first article of my "blog" section! The latter will allow me to stay in touch with you as often as possible and keep you updated on my results.
I am back in Paris after play...

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Galvin Green, my new sponsor!

First month in Australia

End of the year 2015