Alexandra Bonetti
Alexandra Bonetti

First month in Australia

Sports journey

Hi all,

It’s been exactly 25 days since I landed in Sydney and I’ve already played six pro ams! Indeed, the tournaments in January lasted one or two days and we were paired with either some members of the golf course or sponsors of the event. There was of course an individual ranking for the pros, but each pro played with three amateurs. It was a great way to meet locals, give them a few tips on the course, and let them know what exactly a professional golfer life is like. It was also a great practice for the majors’ pro-ams that hopefully I will play very soon!  

The beginning of my professional golfer career has been filled with mixed feelings. On one hand I am so excited to have started my career in Australia, one of my favorite countries from what I have experienced so far, and to finally do the job that I have always dreamed about and worked hard for. On the other hand, after a good top 15 in my second event, I have been struggling a lot with my long game, and was not able to compete like I wanted to. I worked hard in between tournaments to "find my game back" and it will hopefully pay off soon.   

The good news is that I earned enough money to be able to play the Oates Victorian Open and the New Zealand Open! Those tournaments are on the LET calendar, and Lydia Ko and Cheyenne Woods, among others, will be playing in those events! Pretty exciting to think that I could share a round with them. The Oates Victorian Open starts on Thursday on the beautiful courses at 13th Beach, south of Melbourne.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign. Your support means a lot to me!  


 Talk to you soon,         


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